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My name is Mikhail Maryakhin.

I was born and lived in Russia, in lovely and beautiful city Nizhny Novgorod, settled on the wonderful banks of the great Volga river. That is powerful lands having rich and ancient history likewise very strong and generous people living there.

My passion is a life. And I love everything that helps to live better, feel deeper, think clearer.

Yoga. I discovered that wonderful treasure years ago; it helped me to recover my poor body destroyed by many chronic diseases, it carried me through the troubled times and honestly supports me now in my everyday life.

There is another vedic science – Ayurveda, or Science of Life – which is closely intertwined with yogic approach. It serves to recover any disorders in one who suffers and maintain balance in healthy person.  Ayurveda fascinates me by its wise integral approach to human life.

One of the main Ayurvedic accent is on individual approach in any sort of healing as long as disease prevention considering individual physical and mental constitution and conditions. Similarly, unique person’s constitution shall be respectfully considered to build individual yoga practice. As a result of attentive and persistent self-perception and self-appreciation under leadership of Ayurvedic principles, a person is able to construct own unique life style and yoga practice to get maximum benefits on the way of self-advancement.

I am applying the deep wisdom of Ayurveda for my own self-tuning and full of inspiration to bring them into students’ practice.

With the Love in the heart which is one staying beyond all the Life.


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