An Interview with Ayurvedic Doctor by Elena Mariakhina

The image is borrowed from

The image is borrowed from

My wife has interviewed our well-known local Ayurvedic doctor and written the article.

That interview has been published in british on-line blog Watkinsbooks.Com, the owners of «Mind Body Spirit» magazine. The topic is about Ayurvedic perspective onto human life and health.

I guess that is very beautiful and simple overview on what the Ayurveda is for modern humanity. Please read and share with those who wish to learn some starting ideas of Ayurveda.

An interview with Dr Jayarajan Kodikannath, the Director of Kerala Ayurveda Academy (USA) responsible for all academic programs conducted internationally by Kerala Ayurveda with a focus on bringing quality education on authentic Ayurveda across the globe; the Board Director of National Ayurvedic Medical Assosiation.

The link to the article is  here

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Yoga is NOT about flexibility of the body

YOGA-flex-brokenBe cautious!
Yoga practice is NOT about flexibility of the body at all. It is about flexibility of the mind and sensible approach.

…men got injured more often than women and suffered damage that was far worse, including fractures, dislocations and shattered backs…Women are well known to be more flexible than men. Macho guys, yoga teachers told me, too often used their muscles to force themselves into challenging poses and got hurt… (more…)

Nose breathing


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In any kind of sports activity it is important to respect the principle of non-violence in relation to your body. Any physical activity training is useful to the development of cardiovascular system (cardiovascular training), muscular structures, bodily endurance and strength – running, biking, skiing, workout in sport facilities (in the fitness rooms and fitness areas in the park) you should always keep in mind the basic principles of health and safety. In the case of loading activity the important for the health principle is to respect and not exceed bodily limits.


BiblioBurro – mobile library



Luis Soriano, creator of Biblioburro

There are many ways to make a difference in your community. Still, apart from Luis Soriano, the creator of Biblioburro, few have chosen to use donkeys. For over a decade, Soriano and his donkeys Alfa and Beto have traveled around his native Colombia with a portable library, teaching children to read and use their imagination. Learn more about Biblioburro’s unique impact in this video.

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Learning Sanskrit

Sanskrit – the vibrations of Nature manifested through the human voice, the language of God.

Learn more of Sanskrit from the sketch I made as a test upon completion of elective course “Introduction in Sanskrit” of Kerala Ayurveda AWC program .

Wish to learn to read, speak, write in language which is the father of all modern languages, take the classes from non-profit worldwide organization “Samskrita Bharati”!

Distance learning courses info is here.