Philosophical Origins of Yoga and Ayurveda

Ancient Vedic philosophy states the diversity and multiplicity of whole Universe actually come from and originate from simplicity of the One - unmanifested universal principle of consciousness and joy. That is the source of unifying knowledge, unchanging truth and order called rita that resides as a ground of all the laws of nature. Another name of that order is “satchitananda” that means “truthful bliss consciousness“.

That eternal logic, stability of creation itself and joy of such perfect order control everything in the Universe and serve as originating principle of creation. Unity, the OneThat is that supreme power of nature that permeates everything from microscopic subatomic particles to huge galaxies and holds the order of eternal living. Like space fills empty jar both inside and outside similarly the Supreme Spirit penetrates through each and every creature.

That is “ananda” or joy that is ruling principle of life. “Everything is ONE thing and if allowed to follow its nature, wants to return effortlessly to abide in joy”[1]. That is like the One abides in satchitananda, joy.

That is driven by desire to be more itself, to manifest itself by this Created Universe and though that act enjoy self-comprehension. Likewise everything is motivated by desire to have more joy. Not to suffer! But to joy!

The problem of human beings is their misconception of that order, the nature building, that is called Maya - the greatest delusion. We are misled by their desires and passionate mind, we are too involved and agitated by our desires. We take our desires and ourselves too serious. The result of such excessive thrilling of desires is our suffering when we did not fetch desirable things. That is only one cause of suffering as stated in many studies. The solution is extremely simple and hard-hitting at the same time – we have to put ourselves (our awareness) away of the way we are following to joyfully watch and control our lives from outside.

Another meaning of Maya is the world that each of us creates by our own, our unique virtual reality. Ancient “vedic priests used rituals to keep life in order, to align, maintain the university within diversity. People realized through the instruction and guidance of priests and gurus that if they stayed orderly, calm, and joyful in their everyday lives, then life around them – the laws of nature – would manifest in similar desirable manner“[1]. What is outside is the same as inside. That is in our power to compose the world as we want to live in. The rule is simple – when we (inside us) live in complete harmony of natural laws, we create the best composition of our own reality (outside) and attain our life’s supreme goal in the best way. Thus, let’s step forward to comprehend those laws of nature which we would like to follow. Let’s learn the science of life, science of our own creature to become more wise children of our Joyful Father.

Yoga is a one of the best and integral system of ancient vedic culture that can “educate” us in the science of life.

I would like to invite you to that wonderful journey of self-comprehension.

P.S. Good to learn and repeat daily: “The world is what we are”[1]. What is inside is outside.

References: [1] – “Vedic Astrology Simply Put” by William R. Levacy

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