Nepal. Near Manang. Pathway to Milarepa Cave. 04/2011.

Yoga is the integral training involving all aspects of human being – physical body, mind (both emotional part and intelligence) and spirit. Making body – mind connection and through the mind training yoga benefits to promote and maintain healthy and effective body and conscious mind which are so useful for any human life aspects.

Which style is here?

The style I am sharing is “NO style”. That is classical Hatha yoga and yoga therapy techniques compatible with basic ayurvedic concepts of

  • uniquiness of each person,
  • 5 basic elements creature of macro- and micro-cosm,
  • balance/imbalance diagnostics,
  • naturopathic methods to return and maintain individual balance,
  • personal responsibility and active part of the patient/student,
  • effectiveness confirmed by generations since ancient times (since approx. 1000 BC).